DMX系統設計方案 照明軟件

DMX 512


DMX512涉及可能處理或管理每個系統單元設定,並通過DMX512系統連接組。 DMX照明軟件可以控多種功能設定方案,如調光方案、RGB方案、區域照明設計、場景氣氛,通過DMX 512照明傳輸及控作燈光系統。

DMX512 系統可以提供超過512個通道來操作特定的照明設備或一組設備。


DMX Lighting Control Software

The DMX fixtures are made to comply with the international standards of the DMX 512 lighting controller. Various DMX lights used in a party or stage, like spot lights, movable lights, LED lights and light panels.

The number 512 relates to the variety of individual units that might be processed or managed and signals to the system components connected to it via 512 different channels. The DMX lighting software that controls a moving electrical fixture in a number of features like movement, color and depth of the illumination, lighting effects, music and it sends 512 distinct signals at a time. The signal transmitted via 512 channels through DMX lighting cables is called a DMX universe. 

Multiple DMX universes can provide more than 512 channels for operating a particular lighting device or a group of devices.

You can own your stage concert, to create an excellent ambience for DMX lighting software.

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LED是最好的光源。其中包括LED中的一些半導體材料。 但當交叉點溫度超過185華氏度時,LED會立即損耗。適當規劃的LED電路需要兩個重要亮點才能有效:解決過熱保險和​​過壓保護方案。 當LED在嚴格控制的電壓下工作時,無論它是否產生一些溫暖。必須以保證交叉溫度不會超過...